Semalt Expert: How To Run Cross-Selling And Up-Selling In Transactional Emails

The principal idea of your transactional emails is conversions. Cross-selling and up-selling are the marketing strategies that improve the rates of conversion and retention. The higher the rates of conversion are, the bigger ROI you will get. These strategies can bring you more value than providing additional offers.

Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services shares the guidelines, which will help you to setup efficient emailing practice.

What the Heck is Cross-selling and Up-selling?

When the company offers similar or different products to their clients, it is referred to a cross-selling. For instance, when you purchase a computer and you receive similar proposals such as a mouse, flash disks and other equipment that can go along with your product. It simply entails educating consumers about related products. This can be conveniently done with a proper knowledge clients' behavior.

On the other hand, upselling is a situation when a customer gets an offer to make another purchase. The idea is to make clients spend more money than they had planned to. In the computer purchase scenario, the client will be offered a computer with better features than the previously selected one has with a higher price. This is often efficacious when the client's need is met in the right time. These two techniques have to be applied appropriately when convincing the consumers to gain their attention.

When up-selling, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Offer your top-selling products
  • Offer your most reviewed products
  • Offer the products that most logically relate to your customer's purchase.

Cross-selling and Up-selling Transactional Emails

Cross-selling and up-selling are important when incorporated in transactional emails but why should you do it using little investment? A study reveals that one in five transactional emails incorporate promotional offers.

Upon making an online purchase, clients are always eager to receive a confirmation notification which is a great platform to up-sell and cross-sell. This increases the click through that, in turn, increases the revenue for the company. Customers will always visit your website if they have a great involvement.

Order and shipping confirmations are suitable for working on up-sells and cross-sells by providing significant images and related products or services. Also, giving free trials for your new group of products or services can increase chances of raising company's revenue.

"Thank you" Emails

"Thank you" emails is another way to grab the opportunity to include cross-sell and up-sell proposals which are often beyond necessary.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Sometimes, customers can visit your website and try to buy products but give up for some reasons. This is a great chance to send shopping cart abandonment emails to encourage and entice the buyer to complete the purchase. You can motivate the buyer to take advantage of up-sells and cross-sells.

Cross-selling and Up-selling Best Practices

  • Choose the right time to send the promotions
  • Stay relevant
  • Don't send too many offers
  • Do more than just sales
  • Add user generated content to elevate the trustworthiness of your company
  • Take the advantage of the client's behavior
  • Consider the price of products – offers should have the price range similar to that of the product purchased by the client
  • Use A/B test

Instagram and the Future

Cross-selling and upselling are powerful techniques of increasing the number of sales and bringing you more revenue. The implementation of them requires specific additional knowledge of email marketing and content development. When done consistently in an appropriate way, both methods establish a great selling practice in your company.